Sage 50 Audit Trail Report with direct email


Sage 50 Daily Audit Report.  This report can be automatically emailed to your inbox every day.


Sage 50 Audit Trail Report Emailed Directly to your Inbox on your schedule!  Works with Peachtree Accounting too…

Keeping an eye on your user’s activity is now simplified with our Sage 50 Audit Trail Email Report.  These reports are designed to automatically be emailed to you any time you set the schedule.

Report output formats include Microsoft Excel, PDF, and HTML.  Our Email Audit Trail Report for Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting comes with two reports.  One is grouped by User ID the other is sorted by Audit Trail by timestamp.

This is a must-have report to keep an eye on your companies employees and transactions.

Some of the features:

  • Reports may be hidden to avoid users tampering.
  • Multiple reports may be set up to be delivered to different email recipients.
  • Uses Windows Task Scheduler allowing flexibility.
  • A set and forget process.  No user interaction is required.

This report uses Windows Task Scheduler to generate the report.  Within the Task Scheduler, you may schedule when the report is generated, DSStudio will then email the report directly to your inbox.

Additional information

Works with

Peachtree, Sage 50


Direct Email


DSStudio Viewer Version 2.0 or greater

Output Formats

CSV – Comma Separated Value, PDF, Spreadsheet

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